Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Mike Rice; I am the president and owner of Paramount Homes here in Colorado Springs. I originally got into the business way back in 1990, and I had my classes stacked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I found a general contractor who would let me work those Tuesdays and Thursdays as an apprentice framer. …and then from there I just kept on going and had a crossroads after graduating and said: “You know what? I can go into a more traditional business career, or I can do this construction thing.” …and I went with the construction thing, and thirty years later, I’m still doing that construction thing and building the home of your dreams.

So, of course, we get asked: “Why Paramount? Why you, Mike?” …and the answer is: it’s about the experience, it’s about the service, it’s about the backdrop that we create with the builder/client relationship because, candidly, a 2×4 is a 2×4 right? It’s the partnership that we’re creating because we don’t look at it as builder and owner and we’re on opposite sides of the table. Rather, it’s teamwork… it’s a partnership because we don’t want to build our custom home, we want to build your custom home.

We bring the expertise; we bring the knowledge, we bring the experience… the owner is going to bring to this equation their dreams, how they want to live their lifestyle… are they going to be there a long time? …are they going to be there maybe ten years? …are they going to be caring for aging parents? All of that influences how we build it.

The way the design looks to all of the materials, the components and things that go into it, and so we want to bring what the what the owners have and what we have and want to bring that together for that perfect partnership to make the perfect project.

So, a true story: I’m building a custom home for some out-of-town clients, and they’re dog breeders. …and so, as part of the plans, we’ve taken the master suite, and divided it between a master bedroom and a dog grooming room. The clients are coming out for an electrical walk, from out of town, and I’m a little concerned that they’re going to think that the dog grooming room’s a little too big and encroaching on the master bedroom. They get to the site, and the very first words they say are: “I wish we would have made the dog grooming room a little bit bigger!”

Moral of the story? It’s not about me; it’s about you.

If you’re interested in building a custom home in the Colorado Springs area, feel free to contact us. We would love to talk about how we can help you design and build your dream home.