Mike Rice


My love for building homes started as a kid. During the summer months, I’d wander through construction sites after hours and imagine the flurry of activity that took place during the day, the noises, the smells, the ‘boss man” yelling at the underlings as they attempted to perform a task incorrectly. As a teenager, I worked a few odd construction jobs during summer vacation, not learning very much about the business except that the $4/hour I was earning was the hardest earned money in the history of the world. During those summers, I had a love/ hate relationship with my job—I loved the idea of building a house but hated how bad I was at it and how little I knew about the process. Despite the blisters, splinters, sore muscles, and sunburns, I wanted to learn more.

My first real opportunity came in 1990 when I was a senior in college: that fall, the city of Santa Barbara, CA, lost nearly 500 homes to a wildfire. The demand for labor was high, so I found a general contractor who was willing to let me work part-time as a framing apprentice while I completed my final year of business school. Over that year, my destiny was cemented; I discovered that I truly loved building homes and that with a little time and patience, I was actually getting pretty good at it. Shortly after graduation, I had a decision to make; accept a job with a local financial planner, or continue in the construction industry. As you might guess, I chose the latter, and nearly three decades later, I’m still in the business and still in love with the business.

After a few more years in the industry, I started Paramount Builders in Orange County, CA. We specialized in framing and general contracting large remodels and home additions. My business flourished for ten years until my wife, and I decided to relocate our family to Colorado Springs, CO, in 2005. After moving here, I decided to work as a project manager for a custom home builder in the Springs.

Since that time, I’ve personally managed the construction of over 50 custom homes along Colorado’s Front Range, ranging in price from the low $200Ks, to over $1MM. It was an amazing experience and honed my skills as a home builder beyond what I could have ever imagined. In early 2017, I decided it was time for the next chapter of my building career, so I started Paramount Homes and have already broken ground on four new custom homes in Northern Colorado Springs.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about my story. If you’re thinking of building, I would be happy to talk more about your potential home. I look forward to meeting you!