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Paramount Homes is a custom home building contractor that builds in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Generally, we build homes in El Paso County, Teller County, and Douglas County. We generally build homes that are completely custom, but we can also build from a set of floor plans that we’ve selected from local architects, or from a set of plans that you find online. Our aim is to maximize your home buying dollar by working with you to create YOUR perfect combination of price, square footage, and level of finish.

Mike Rice - Builder

Mike Rice - Builder

Jodi Swiech - Project Coordinator

Jodi Swiech - Project Coordinator

Kim Trobee - Office Ninja

Kim Trobee - Office Ninja

Our Building Process

There are two main ways to go about building a custom home. The first way is called the “Competitive Bid” model. We will explain this model below.

Our preferred model is known as “Design/Build”. This model puts the Owner and Builder together, as a team, at the onset of the planning and budgeting phase of the project. This provides the Owner the distinct advantage of having an experienced Builder, with their knowledge of building costs, oversee the development of the plans. This results in a set of plans that will be in line with the Owner’s expectation for budget.

The process for a Design/Build is actually a fairly simple one. We have developed a path by which you can “test the waters” before taking the plunge.

Step 1 – The Introduction

We meet, get to know each other, and discuss some of your general goals and objectives in building a custom home. General pricing parameters are reviewed, along with addressing whatever questions you may have about us or the building process.

This introductory meeting is designed to remove that “nervous edge” off the concept of building a custom home by demonstrating that we’re good communicators, we truly care about our clients and their projects, and that our vast experience in building custom homes makes us an exceptional choice to build your home.

“After two remodels, a new home build, and a basement finish, there’s only one person that I would call for my next project: Mike with Paramount Homes.
— Jaenette C.

Step 2 – The Conceptual Design

One of our partner architects will create a rough first draft of your proposed home, which includes the floor plan(s) and the front elevation. Our estimating team will provide a corresponding budget to this conceptual design. Upon completion of both of these elements (plan and budget), you’re invited to a meeting with the Owner of Paramount Homes for a full review of both.

Step 3 – Design Development

This is the phase where we cut the architect loose. Upon review of the conceptual design, any changes or modifications to the plans are integrated into this next phase of plan design. In this phase, we’ll walk away with:

  • Full size plans (24” x 36”)
  • Exterior walls dimensioned
  • All four exterior elevations drafted

To the novice, these appear to be complete plans. Upon completion of this version of the plans, a corresponding budget is assembled, and the Owner is invited to a meeting with the Owner of Paramount Homes for a full review of both.

Step 4 – Construction Drawings

This is the final phase of plan development. Final dimensions are input, engineering is compiled, and the project is prepared for the permit process.

It would seem there’s little noticeable difference between this version of plans and the previous. In reality there’s a tremendous amount of engineering and detailing that allows us to arrive at a final budget amount.

Step 5 – Construction

This is the most fun part of the process. Once construction drawings are complete, the project can be permitted with the local building authority, and work can begin!

“We could not be more satisfied with the home he built us. Mike is easy to work with, is a great communicator, and has excellent ideas

— Cindy M.

The problem with most custom home builders

A common home building model is commonly known as the “Competitive Bid” model. The Owner will contract with an Architect to develop a set of plans, at which point the Owner will engage several Builders to bid on that set of plans. This process can be problematic for several reasons:

  1. Projects often go over budget. It’s very common for project that’s detailed in the plans to exceed the Owner’s budget, as neither the Architect nor the Owner have the experience or background to accurately estimate the cost of the project.
  2. Hard to evaluate the proposal. It can be very difficult, if not impossible, for the Owner to compare the competitive bids provided by the various Builders, as there’s many variables to be identified within a proposal. Are the insulation values the same? Are the mechanical systems comparable? How much has been allocated for the purchase of cabinets? And on and on and on.

Nevertheless, the competitive bid model does exist, and many projects are started and completed successfully using this model. We’ve built houses based on this model before. It’s just not our preferred method. If you have a set of plans that you would like for us to assemble a bid for, contact us to build and explain a proposal for you.

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Our aim is to maximize your home buying dollar by working with you to create YOUR perfect combination of price, square footage, and level of finish.

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